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Novestom Tenth International Police Bo Teng struck, please accept our invitation!
2018-11-20 6:12:15

China International Novestom Police Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "police Expo") is an international police equipment exhibition platform sponsored by the Ministry of public security. With the attention of the Party committee and the guidance of the relevant department, the eight session has been successfully held, which has become the largest and most authoritative exhibition in China's police scale. At the same time, it also provides a display and exchange of new technology, new products and high end platform for the related scientific research institutions and enterprises, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the police equipment industry in China.
Since its successful hosting in 2002, the "police fair" has attracted thousands of exhibitors and nearly 200 thousand guests from dozens of countries. The exhibition area has been increased from the initial 9 thousand square meters to 37 thousand square meters in 2014. The exhibition form has also been extended from the original single presentation to multiple models including academic forum, product promotion and communication.

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This exhibition, in addition to the VECS visual emergency command and dispatching station, which is upgraded by the new technology, we can achieve multi network integration, multimedia application, multi terminal access and other functions. We will also bring emergency communications, mobile law enforcement, and the three major equipment exhibition area of the counter terrorism department for domestic and foreign customers.

In this regard, genesis technology sincerely invite customers from all over the country to visit and give guidance to the exhibition. We are waiting for you at Beijing National Conference Center.

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