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Network traffic police enforcement injustice? Law enforcement recorder restore truth
2018-11-12 22:06:12
Lanzhou evening news (reporter Su Xiaowen / map) in April 19th, a netizen posting said, Chengguan Traffic Police Brigade police injustice and equipped with a punishee in the video, the brigade attaches great importance to this incident, the police arranged to verify the matter, and by the time law enforcement recorder on the event of a reduction.
Motorcycle driver not only did not reverse the license plate number
Chengguan Traffic Police Brigade police Zhou Wei told reporters on the afternoon of April 18th, a takeaway driver riding a motorcycle in Tongwei route south to north to Tongwei Road Primary School was stopped by the police. Police in the conduct of its retrograde violations of criticism and education, and in accordance with the provisions of the law for its punishment, found that the license plate of the car did not hang in accordance with the provisions of the police on the spot to make a penalty of 200 yuan, recorded in 3 points.
After the fact that the driver pleaded guilty to crying on the spot, abusive police
Since it was catching up with the primary school, the crowd more, the driver was punished in recognition of their illegal behavior, but the mood is out of control, not only crying also refused to cooperate, and even abusive police behavior. Police in stabilizing the driver's emotions, but also to help her properly installed the license plate.
Zhou Wei said that throughout the law enforcement process, the police have always been a good attitude, law enforcement justice, the handling of illegal acts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law.

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