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Improve the system of centralized training to strengthen the standardization of law enforcement recorder in Changzhi
2018-11-12 22:09:58
Recently, the Changzhi Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment three brigade in the field of law enforcement recorder standardization management as the starting point, from the strengthening of education and training, improve the management system, standardize the operation process to start, strengthen law enforcement recorder management, protect the legitimate interests of the masses and the police on duty to their own rights and interests.
The group will standardize the management and use of the recorder as a breach of the current norms of law enforcement and entry point, attaches great importance to the use of management. To fully understand the education of police enforcement recorder can supervise law enforcement activities, timely fixed evidence and protect people's legitimate interests, but also can avoid the excesses, protect their own security and interests, and effectively improve the understanding of the police to regulate the use of the importance of the law enforcement recorder. Through intensive training organized by the group, in batches, sub centralized police training. By learn while training, police mastered the use of audio and video recorder of the field of law enforcement, and applied in daily work. For the requirements of the scene of the punishment, to take administrative enforcement measures violations, a serious impact on road traffic safety behavior, must use the law enforcement audio-visual recording equipment, in order to preserve evidence.

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