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Strengthen the application of law enforcement recorder to promote standardization of law enforcement
2018-11-12 22:12:09
In order to further strengthen the on-site enforcement of audio and video recording, standard of public security police at the scene of law enforcement behavior, strengthen the source of law enforcement supervision, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and the public security police, police enforcement recorder play a positive role in promoting the standardization of public security organs in law enforcement, management and use of the old border public security bureau to regulate the field of law enforcement recorder as the starting point of from the standard operation procedure, and strengthen the use and management of law enforcement recorder.
The old border area public security bureau in a large number of research and advice on the basis of the work carried out with the work of the law enforcement recorder, clearly requires the region's first line of law enforcement officers on duty with all the law enforcement recorder. Up to now, the Department has invested 150 thousand yuan of funds, the purchase of the allocation of law enforcement recorder of the station, the acquisition of workstations, 1, basically meet the needs of law enforcement investigators and police management needs of the. The recorder in place after the branch organization to carry out law enforcement recorder operation, video download, file transfer stations, common problems and simple troubleshooting training, ensure that each police can master the use of methods of law enforcement recorder.
In order to ensure the enforcement effect of the use of, the District Public Security Bureau also supporting the introduction of the "standard" and "law enforcement law enforcement recorder using field recorder audio and video information management system" and other normative documents, in accordance with the "police will bring, police will be used, data will be registered, informative, special management" principle of instrument operation maintenance records are clear, and the use of law enforcement records into the law enforcement quality evaluation, and directly linked with the performance appraisal. At the same time, the establishment of a thorough investigation, regularly informed of a series of supervision and inspection system, to ensure that the police in accordance with the requirements of.
Laobian District Public Security Bureau through the standard law enforcement recorder management, the source of law enforcement activities included in the scope of regulation, not only improve the technology content of police law enforcement, and fundamentally prevent and curb the arbitrariness of law enforcement, effectively protect the interests of law enforcement, improve the police enforcement consciousness, from the technical level and effectively promote the construction of law enforcement standardization.
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