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Protection of citizens and police by single police law enforcement recorder
2018-3-25 9:31:32
Law enforcement recorder is just a tool, it can not only supervise and regulate the police law enforcement, but also can protect the strict law enforcement police. Public security organs at all levels should strictly implement, and resolutely blocked forget to bring bad equipment and so on.
From July 1st onwards, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "public security organs on the spot law enforcement audio recording work regulations" formally implemented. The clear provisions of the public security organs at all levels should earnestly implement the relevant requirements, fully equipped with related equipment, strengthen the management of the use of video and audio data of the field of law enforcement, public security organs shall accept the alarm and interrogate check 6 on-site law enforcement activities, shall conduct on-site enforcement of audio and video recording.
For a long time, the conflict caused by the police on-site enforcement repeatedly in the field of network public opinion on the scraper, many cases are in "the public just said, both sides just said" tangle. The police responded to public concerns of course is necessary, but as in the party's position, verbal excuse will inevitably make bystanders "found in a suspicious position". If the law enforcement officers attendance recorder or incident to the monitoring and just perfect to "broken", let onlookers believe the police innocent nature is not easy, but the police "presumption of guilt" will be blowing.
In fact, the people have the obligation to cooperate with the police in accordance with law enforcement, the police have strict law enforcement responsibilities. Only the law enforcement or law enforcement object to assume responsibility or obligation, are biased. On the behavior of law enforcement, the police is the initiative, the first to meet the legitimacy of nature - one of the main qualifications to be legitimate, two law enforcement procedures to be legitimate, and the three is to enforce the law content. In this no truth "." "no video no truth" since the media age, proof of the legitimacy of law enforcement officers, that when things, even the scene witnesses the readme, are not considered more intuitive audio recording site enforcement.
It is because of this background, some local public security organs as early as a few years ago began to vigorously enforce the law enforcement law enforcement audio recording work. Among them, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in early 2010 in the full implementation of global record system to the field of law enforcement, to create a strong field of law enforcement "sunshine project"; in 2013, the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region public security department issued a "Ningxia public security organs enforcement provisions of the management and use of" law enforcement ", which the police have to wear Bikai recorder, alarming data will be used, will survive". Especially in the implementation of the law, the mandatory provisions of the police due to the law enforcement behavior triggered complaints, where can not provide on-site law enforcement records to confirm their legitimate acts of law enforcement, that is their fault". This is the wrong presumption, and not to have to go through law enforcement officers, and it is necessary to effectively supervise the attendance of police officers wearing law enforcement recorder, to promote law enforcement specialization and standardization.
The work of the public security organs in the field of audio and video recording, the primary task is not to convince the public, not to persuade the police. Law enforcement recorder is just a tool, it can monitor and regulate the police law enforcement, but also can protect the law enforcement strictly according to law the police are not the object of law enforcement and the crowd misunderstanding and even framed, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of the conflict. Not to think that the law enforcement recorder is a cumbersome, bound hands and feet, inconvenient to work, it would have to ask, what is not bound by law enforcement?
At present, the "Regulations" the promulgation of law enforcement, the scene will be part of the public security organs have been carried out as audio recording is to spread across the country, all the potential law enforcement object eat a reassurance. The rest, the public security organs at all levels should strictly implement, and resolutely blocked forget to bring bad equipment and so on. Notice, open, transparent, standardized police enforcement is the bottom line requirements, a law-abiding police should be like a law-abiding citizen, welcome to law enforcement recorder.
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