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police body worn camera using
2018-11-12 22:13:29

With the continuous development of China's economy, the social transformation has entered a critical period, the diversification of interests and the complexity of social contradictions become more and more obvious. At the same time, with the development of information technology and the improvement of people's legal consciousness, how to execute the law enforcement function effectively, legally and fairly becomes more and more important.

In February this year, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau to comprehensively promote the rule of law in the fourth collective study stressed once again: the building of a moderately prosperous society in accordance with the rule of law put forward higher requirements...... Comprehensively promote the science of legislation, strict law enforcement, justice and universal law, adhere to the law ruling according to law, to jointly promote administration according to law, adhere to the rule of law and the rule of law one building the rule of law government, and constantly create a new situation of the rule of law.
To the full implementation of the rule of law, administrative law, administrative idea, strengthen the publicity of administrative work, enhance the transparency of the government, to the public to promote fairness, strengthen and improve the supervision of law enforcement process cannot do without high-tech equipment support. It is in this context, whether it is now public security, urban management, industry and commerce, taxation, health and other administrative law enforcement departments are widely used to standardize law enforcement, law enforcement recorder, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.
First, the law enforcement recorder generally have the function and application efficiency:
Law enforcement recorder first applied to public security system. Included in the "three building" construction in 2008 by Ministry of public security law enforcement standardization, standardize law enforcement of public security system carried out in wildly beating gongs and drums, thereafter, with the public security organs at all levels to promote the informatization construction of law enforcement, law enforcement recorder research and development, production enterprises have ushered in the first day of spring. With the recent years, the administrative departments at all levels of law enforcement standardization, information technology, the use of law enforcement recorder will be more broad.
Through the study of the market sales, use a recorder for law enforcement, law enforcement recorder, camera and camera usually sets synchronous recording as a whole, it is light weight, small volume, flexible and convenient wear, so that law enforcement officers can do law enforcement, record two not mistake in attendance in the process, so that law enforcement activities truly fair, impartial, open. At present, the market of the most law enforcement recorder has the following functions: first the basic law enforcement recorder to support high resolution shots, high pixel camera, after the entire process of recording events reduction clear and true; secondly it can meet the high frame rate video: a minimum of 30 frames per second, the highest 60 towel frames per second, high-speed and HD two not mistake; three is a GPS function, can correct positioning of events by latitude and longitude coordinates for the query in the video file, the evidence is stronger, and through the system software traces the history of law enforcement and law enforcement process simulation schedule; four is the file has the security function, general users can not easily delete files; five with infrared light additional lighting equipment, to meet the low illumination night weather and law enforcement; six is the equipment of humanized design, suitable for any part of wear on the body, can be self By adjusting the direction; seven is according to the user demand and equipped with a variety of input and output interface; the eight is to meet in many occasions under the environment of safe use, can ensure that the video data clearly and so on in the rain and lightning severe operation situation.
The use of law enforcement records, not only effectively protect the normal development of law enforcement activities, more conducive to improving the efficiency of law enforcement:
1 to combat science and technology, law enforcement recorder can effectively enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement. Since the law enforcement recorder is portable, biased to carry, multiple functions, effectively reducing the operational burden of law enforcement officers and equipment weight, improve the speed and efficiency of law enforcement personnel attendance.
2 law enforcement recorder can effectively save manpower, improve the efficiency of law enforcement officers. Law enforcement recorder set photography, video, audio and other functions as a whole, you can record the law enforcement officers in law enforcement process, not interfere with the development of law enforcement. This can improve the efficiency of law enforcement team resources, to avoid the waste of team building.
3 law enforcement recorder can regulate law enforcement officers to enforce the law, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties and law enforcement officers. The law enforcement recorder to record the data cannot operate directly on the machine, only by a unit of the terminal equipment to read and work, therefore, law enforcement recorder can record not only the law enforcement officers in the enforcement process, can also provide the original evidence for the future to solve the dispute.
4 law enforcement recorder, especially police law enforcement recorder can effectively deter troublemakers. In most of the disputes and conflicts in law enforcement, law enforcement is as vulnerable groups often received public sympathy, but sympathy is not equal to the fact that many law enforcement conflict is due to obstruction of law enforcement officers were caused by law enforcement and violent resistance to law. Law enforcement recorder can record the true and accurate evidence of law enforcement, law enforcement officers have a strong psychological deterrent effect, can effectively curb the obstruction of law enforcement or violent acts against law.
Two, the use of law enforcement recorder problems
At present, although the law enforcement recorder has been widely used in the field of law enforcement, but for subjective and objective reasons, there are a lot of problems to be solved in the application of law enforcement recorder.
Law enforcement recorder using subjective reasons for the problems first is that some law enforcement officers need to change the concept, although the construction of law enforcement standardization has been carried out for many years, but some front-line law enforcement officers have not changed the concept of law enforcement, law enforcement
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