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4G body worn camera
2018-11-25 17:21:56
4G intelligent law enforcement recorder is to solve the video and audio data acquisition and storage, real-time video transmission needs, carefully build a wearable device, 4G smart camera, law enforcement recorder can be photographed, recording the scene data stored in the law enforcement instrument, at the same time can live HD video and audio through the 4G/3G wireless network to return to the background command system, backstage decision makers can understand the first time and guide the work site.
4G intelligent law enforcement recorder based on 4G/3G/WiFi network, the core technology uses efficient H.264 video compression technology, adaptive stream technology, flexible and reliable FEC FEC, record side pass dual stream technology, low delay audio packet loss prevention technology, wireless bandwidth estimation techniques, based on dynamic bandwidth estimation technology with closed loop independent intellectual property rights, the real-time transmission of 1080P HD video, to achieve the transmission effect of low bandwidth hd. Under the same wireless network, wireless video transmission quality is higher than that of domestic and foreign similar products.
4G intelligent enforcement support Beidou Positioning, /GPS digital trunked voice intercom, WiFi, Bluetooth and other functions, and use multiple technology to ensure data security; with a durable performance, protection grade reaches IP67, drop height of 3 meters; the intelligent operating system, can be customized according to the needs of business, meet more scenarios work demand.
L built-in GPS/ Beidou positioning module, you can achieve real-time global positioning.
L built-in 3G/4G/WFIF module, audio and video wireless real-time transmission.
L integrated Bluetooth 4, with the identity card reader, Bluetooth printing, Bluetooth headset and other equipment docking.
L public network intercom, no distance limit communication, as long as there is a network of signals can be intercom.
L compass function, built-in electronic compass dimensional magnetoresistive sensor, compass function.
L map navigation, to provide national map browsing, real-time navigation, route planning, location search, bus driving inquiries and other services.
L can be applied to the APP industry, to achieve law enforcement related business docking.
L SOS function, emergency situations, a key operation, to the command platform and all authorized mobile phone number to send distress messages.
L multi camera, high-speed continuous shooting, continuous shooting interval, camera timing.
L large storage space, maximum support 128G.
L dual storage, can also start the video recording function, recorded audio and video files and audio files can be saved
L 2.8 inches HD touch screen, easy to operate, flexible.
L data encryption, the machine to record the audio and video files for data encryption, data evidence is more secure and reliable.
L standard communication protocol, real-time monitoring and dispatching platform with audio and video surveillance platform to achieve real-time command.
Two, product technical parameters
Item parameter
CPU quad core 1.6G
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4 transmission 2.4G
Size 96 x 66 x 32mm
Weight 180g
Shell protection class IP67
Display 2.8 inches high definition screen
Viewing angle 120 degrees
Focus range 0.3m ~ infinity
Auto exposure mode
Free fall height 3M
Storage capacity 16G/32G/64G/128G
Continuous video recording time 8h
Standby time > 240h
The performance of 1920 x 1080, 1280 camera, 720 x 720 x 480 three adjustable
Camera format MP4 H.264
Camera performance 32 million
Photo format JPEG
Recording format MP3
Night vision 6~20m
Compatible system WIN2000/XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10
Data interface USB3.0
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