Novestom Digital Evidence Management Software (Client ) for police body camera

Web server makes it easy for agencies of any size to collect, manage, connect the data in Polie Body camera DEMS.

Login Interface
Data Query
File Tag
Index Search Engine
Data Playback
Importance Level
Authority Management
User Management
System Log

Collect anything from Police body camera
Upload files from Local Client to web sever
Include Audio, Videos, Photos, Log Files

Manage all data uploaded onto the sever
Protect your evidence with ironclad security and back-ups

From local client to sever, all connected.
All data recorded and upload, easy to browse at any time, anywhere via Internet. 

Data Upload: To collect video/photos/log files from Shelleyes Camera

User Management: To bind camera with specified user account

Data Management: Easily search the specified data with date or keyword.

OS Compatibility: Database SQL2012 Compatible with WIN10/8/7

Local management interface:

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