Buyer: Henan Provincial Communications Department
Time: March 2014
Buy product: 4494 NVS5 field enforcement recorder
Project background:
1, traffic law enforcement personnel heavy task, human interference law enforcement highlights: road management there are many points, long lines, a wide range of features, Henan traffic administrative law enforcement departments of traffic management tasks. At the scene of the law enforcement process has not been completely recorded, resulting in some people complain, said not clear, do not understand". Many problems caused by the lack of evidence in the enforcement process can not be effectively resolved.
2, drinking pesticide incident alert traffic law enforcement new changes: Henan Province in November 24, 2013, the occurrence of pesticide incident caused concern of the community. The incident by the Henan Provincial Department of transportation to improve grassroots law enforcement equipment, a complete record of the law enforcement process, so that all disputes are well documented.
User focus:
1, can solve the traffic enforcement difficulties?
As far as possible to reduce the burden of law enforcement equipment: traffic law enforcement officers to wear more equipment enforcement, law enforcement officers to the greatest extent, the burden, the police wing for the Henan Provincial Department of transportation recommended police wing V7 field law enforcement recorder. It weighs only 116g, is a 2 inch screen recorder for law enforcement to the smallest and lightest one, worn on the shoulders of almost no loading. Police wing V7 built-in 4 times zoom lens, the farther away from the things can be clearly shot, the effective fixed law enforcement evidence.
Battery life is long, ensure all-weather shooting: traffic enforcement is usually far away from the office area, and a longer time on duty, law enforcement recorder has a higher life time requirements. However, the existing law enforcement recorder battery capacity is small, in the case of no external power supply is difficult to maintain all-weather video recording. In response to this demand, the police wing recommended to the Henan Provincial Department of transportation V7 field law enforcement recorder, continuous shooting can be up to 10 hours, can effectively solve the problem of low battery capacity of law enforcement equipment.
2, product quality and after-sales service how to protect?
The police wing always adhere to the "stability is more important than advanced product concept, compact design concept and representative V7 as police wing consistent set, compact and lightweight, HD video camera and fast charging performance advantage in a body. In terms of service, the first police wing of one of the six "sincere service" system, combined with the formation of more than and 200 service outlets and the National Union of business, and the establishment of police wing authorized service stations in Henan Province, 1 hours, 4 hours, response 8 hours to solve the localization services for users.
3, supplier strength?
Police wing focused on the research and development of intelligent equipment industry, manufacturing and sales services, with more than 20 national patents, 11 software copyrights, has been awarded the top ten brands of police equipment for three consecutive years. The police wing with the more than and 200 partners formed a nationwide sales network, products are sold in more than and 30 provinces and autonomous regions, the law enforcement recorder market share reached 30%, more than 90% of market awareness, always in the leading position in the industry.
Project results:
1, reduce traffic violations: Traffic Bureau of Henan Province, using the new law enforcement recorder, traffic violations punishment and deterrent effect is enhanced, overcrowding, overloading traffic violations decreased.
2, mutual supervision, resolve conflicts, improve the work efficiency: on the one hand, the law enforcement recorder has invisible binding on the traffic law enforcement personnel, promote the basic law enforcement personnel and civilized law enforcement norms governing, so human law enforcement behavior decreased, the law enforcement team spirit and the overall image has been significantly improved. On the other hand, law enforcement recorder can objectively restore the field of law enforcement, effectively prevent the party scene vexatious and malicious libel complaints, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of traffic law enforcement personnel Du, so the petition complaints fell 30%.
User evaluation:
Before the law enforcement recorder is not used, always with no electricity, evidence is often very helpless. Now this new law enforcement recorder battery quite used, the owner of the offense can be recorded carefully all the time, you can not rely on Lai lai.
"Now the law enforcement recorder response is very sensitive, as long as the boot can be recorded."
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