Buyer: Baoshan District Shanghai traffic police detachment
Time: 2014
Buy product: NVS1 law enforcement recorder
Follow up procurement: Shanghai Baoshan traffic police detachment of the successful implementation of the law enforcement recorder, driven by the surrounding Xuhui District and other traffic police detachment equipped with.
Project background:
1, to create sunshine police, creating a safe city
Shanghai traffic police detachment in Baoshan District as one of 10 pilot units of the national police law enforcement recorder application system in Baoshan District, all front-line duty law enforcement, accident handling traffic police are equipped with the use of law enforcement records, to create sunshine law enforcement, a safe city.
2, the evidence of traffic violations fleeting, traditional law enforcement tools difficult to obtain evidence
According to the Baoshan traffic police squadron instructor Wang Gang said: Shanghai Baoshan District traffic police detachment in the wing with the police enforcement recorder, to record the process of law enforcement by simply recording pen records, unable to drive a mobile phone and a solid line to change lanes and other illegal disposal to provide effective and comprehensive on-site material, which lead to the phenomenon of the conflict occurred frequently.
User focus:
1, can solve the traffic enforcement difficulties?
Long time recording, achieve full coverage of the traffic police enforcement duty: a long time, law enforcement equipment power shortage often encountered in the process of law enforcement, law enforcement records to interrupt the police to the wing a keen grasp of law enforcement needs, especially developed can be 11 hours of continuous recording as police wing V8 law enforcement recorder, good lift the traffic police do not have to worry about the menace from the rear, this happens.
With infrared night vision, night shooting is also clear: night traffic police enforcement more, but due to poor traffic lights at night, the night of the shooting "face was very distressed, but for this special police wing law enforcement, police law enforcement recorder developed wing V8 with night infrared camera function, can achieve 10 meters at night to see the face, meet the night of law enforcement demand.
2, product quality and after-sales service how to protect?
Police wing product stability, through testing the quality supervision of the Ministry of public security for 2 consecutive years, all products have passed the ISO9001 quality certification system, and relying on in the country to establish 10 authorized service stations, more than and 200 professional service system, to provide the most timely customer service service system for the most professional users.
3, supplier strength?
R & D, production and sales of the wing focus on the law enforcement recorder, professional technical team has a strong R & D capabilities, obtained more than 20 national patents, three consecutive years won the top ten brand of police equipment, has been fully recognized and trusted users, the user is the ideal brand purchasing.
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