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Novestom focus on the domestic market
2018-6-4 11:29:14

Police law enforcement recorder expert Novestom  began planning the domestic market. Novestom  with the strength of the top R & D and a deep understanding of the overseas market, its police law enforcement products accounted for more than 50% of domestic exports. Due to the rapid expansion of the domestic law enforcement recorder market size, Nortice management decided to shift the focus of the market to the domestic. The company plans to complete the domestic distribution channels in mid 2015. Shenzhen will be the center, the establishment of Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an branch, the composition of the national marketing network. Branch mainly to provide pre-sales support, after-sales service and marketing strategy consulting services. In order to support the strong distributors to expand the market
The company will be in the overseas market experienced rigorous testing of products quickly into the domestic channels, and invested heavily in R & D products for the domestic market series. The main products are single police law enforcement recorder, recorder data acquisition management terminal, camera flashlight. Welcome to come to discuss cooperation channels! nortice body camera

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