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Home without a network to install wireless WIFI camera is not a display?
2018-5-7 12:11:47

Home no network, the installation of theWireless WIFI cameraIs not equal to a decoration? There is no practical significance? Many people will think so, after all, more than half of the home without Internet coverage. The comet monitoring small make a detailed description on this issue.


The comet robot (HX-I2010P7)

Currently available on the market some wireless WIFI camera, the appearance is done very beautifully, all kinds of styles have, put in the home which place is can go to the role of decoration. But it is not just a device, there is no network in the case of his function can be used on the.

Wireless WIFI cameraIs a video network machine, based on the function of the wireless receiver without wiring, with head control level 355 degrees vertical rotation (except 120 card machine and wireless trigger), two-way voice intercom, mobile detection alarm, mobile phone, tablet computer and can be remote monitoring, simple installation, maximum support 64G memory card a key configuration, network.

In the home network, can increase a wireless router, let the camera installed on the memory card, the electricity, the camera is connected to the mobile phone through WIFI routing, router, and mobile phone camera to form a local area network, and then set the video camera settings, as can save video recording. Mobile phones, computers in the local area network can also be real-time monitoring and playback of video.


Wireless WIFI camera remote monitoring in the case of a network

Currently can be customized with AP hot spots of wireless WIFI camera, the camera itself is a WIFI hot spots, the phone connected to the hot spots, the formation of local area network. The same is can achieve the monitoring function, cost-effective solutions to the camera than router with AP hot spots to be high, with external conditions can also be connected to. The above described in Xingda science and technology of the comet monitoring products are able to meet, want to know more information of the wireless WIFI camera, please contact customer service and monitoring the comet.

Shenzhen city of Xingda science and technology limited company, the brand name "comet", English brand "Comet" focus on the production of twelve yearsWireless WIFI cameraNetwork HD camera, AHD coaxial HD camera and a variety of video camera monitoring equipment manufacturers. OEM custom, wholesale agents, network operators to join. If you are interested in wireless WIFI cameras and other products or have questions, you can consultComet"Online customer service, can also call Advisory: 400-8080-881. We are ready to serve you!

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