Service overview

Novestom has always been to "the customer as the center, to create value for the purpose of service for customers, to meet customer service needs of different market segments; through the establishment of a comprehensive cooperative partnership with customer service, constantly improve and improve their service.

Novestom has established a professional and standardized, diversified service system in Chinese, with technical standards throughout the provinces and autonomous regions of the service network, active service strategy, specialization, to provide timely, standardized, efficient and comprehensive service to customers, build high-quality service brand Granville Teng nobel.

Professional engineering delivery services
According to the project management mode, provide the leading and supervision of the turnkey project, the regional model project and the integrated project.

Comprehensive K-Service 360 degree customer service support

Novestom based product technical service experts to provide 7*24 hours customer service service acceptance and remote technical support for you, set the local office customer service service manager and professional customer service service engineers in 27 provinces, regions and municipalities, in response to service dispatch 360 ~ K-Service service center, providing customer service site services for customers.

Service Tel: 0769-82583262
Service mailbox:

Perfect one or two level spare parts system
Novestom in Shenzhen office set up spare parts center and two spare parts library, timely response to customer demand for spare parts.

Professional training certification
Novestom provide professional training for customers and agents, such as open operation, service certification, maintenance and enhancement.

Rich normative documents
Novestom provide engineering and service specification documents for customers in the expansion, maintenance, upgrading, inspection, training and daily operations and other work to provide reference.

Customer service file
Novestom set up customer service files for customers, regular service communication and service return visit.

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