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Novestom law enforcement apparatus to provide a comprehensive record of evidence collection solutions
2018-11-18 15:43:26

The police are "acting professionally," like a teacher or a ballet dancer. Their work, which requires quick response and perfect performance. Of course it's not easy. Such as the recent police shootings of unarmed black men in South Carolina and elsewhere, a common response is to focus on the errors attributed to the entire law enforcement department.
So the sharp question arises: is there racial prejudice? Are they too arrogant? Will there be a confrontation between the people and the police?
However, there is also a solution. In the past year, the most popular advice in the use of cameras to capture a police shot by a civilian has been to put the camera on the police. Obama, President of the United States, committed $75 million to buy 50000 Novestom  brand cameras. It will be a great move.
The reform soon received results. A small number of police departments have found that the existence of such a camera (a simple recording device) has a "cultural impact" not only on the police, but also on the people they come into contact with,". Complaints declined, the police in the original community. The police seem more calm and polite. Less violence. The investigation of malfeasance becomes easier.
However, the resistance to law enforcement is still strong, not just from the police worried about the impact of the law enforcement instrument on their work. The camera can record the privacy of the people during the investigation period: children such as domestic violence. The cost of storing or reviewing video is high. Sometimes, if you need to talk to an informer, the camera must be closed.
Some police departments, such as Miami and the United Kingdom, are used to record the contents of the law enforcement process. But they will focus on privacy issues.
If the police in the United States and other countries want to maintain their professional reputation and avoid tragic violence, the law enforcement camera may be a good solution. But they should use this tool as much as possible to have a positive impact on society.

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